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Abortion Theologically Understood.

Dr. Stanley Hauerwas
The famous 1991 sermon that helped United Methodists reframe abortion in theological terms as a moral and spiritual problem, not just a political issue. No paper copies remain, available online .

The Church and Abortion.


Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth, editor
Provides a new ground of response by recovering the theological foundation on which the church might approach the problem of abortion. Contributions by Ruth S. Brown, Michael J. Gorman, Stanley Hauerwas, and William H. Willimon. Abingdon Press, 1993. (Order: TCA001) Price: $5.00
The Jericho Plan.


Dr. David C. Reardon

Breaking down the walls which prevent post-abortion healing. Dr. Reardon is a biomedical ethicist, the director of the Elliot Institute, and the editor of The Post-Abortion Review. Acorn Books, 1996. (Order: TJP001) Price: $8.00
The Theology of the Body.


Dr. Paul J. Griffiths
This DVD set contains the presentation by Dr. Griffiths, Warren Chair of Catholic Theology at Duke Divinity School, on the “Theology of the Body”–an approach to the reintegration of body and spirit, chastity and sexuality, developed by Pope John Paul II. (Order: TOB001) Price: $10.00
Lecture notes.
On-line streaming.

30 Days for Life: A Prayer Devotional

National Pro-Life Religious Council

30 days worth of Scriptures, meditations and prayers created and compiled by members of the National Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC) out of love for Christ and His Church. (Order:30d4l) $1.50 each


A Love for Life: Christianity’s Consistent Protection of the Unborn
A Love for LIfe

Dennis De Mauro

A brief but comprehensive history of the Christian church’s pro-life position. The author, Dennis De Mauro, provides a compelling and much-needed review of Christian history that both preceded and followed the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion. In doing so, he demonstrates the consistent pro-life voice of Christianity through the ages, as well as the divided responses by today’s churches and religious organizations. (Comments adapted from back cover). (Order:AL4L) $10.00 each


Holy Abortion
holy abortion
Four mainline Protestant denominations (the ECUSA, PCUSA, UCC, and UMC) are affiliated with RCRC. In this important new book, the authors carefully examine the literature and liturgical aids produced by RCRC, demonstrating how its theology radically contradicts the statements on abortion issued by its affiliated churches.(Order:HA) $8.00 each


The Right Choice
the right choice

Paul Stallsworth

A collection of sermons and talks from outstanding advocates for the pro-life position. This book challenges those unconvinced that the gospel is linked with the protection of life. It provides strength for those persuaded that the gospel and the protection of life are linked. Contributors: Elizabeth Achtemeier, Connie Roland Alt, John Brown, Paul Clark, Edward Fehskens, Michael J. Gorman, Richard John Neuhaus, John Cardinal O=Connor, Frank A. Pavone, Terry Schlossberg, Benjamin E. Sheldon, Paul T. Stallsworth, Mother Teresa and Charles E. Whited, Jr. Published by Abingdon Press, Nashville (1997), 116 pages. Paul T. Stallsworth, Editor. (Order:TRC) $10.00 each


Thinking Theologically About Abortion
thinking theologically
Presentations made by Elizabeth Achtemeier, Carl E. Braaten, Leonard Klein, and Richard John Neuhaus at the 1998 pastoral “Building a Ministry for Life” conference. (Order:TTAA)$5.00 each


10 Tips on How NOT to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

Audrey Werner

Gives biblical guidance for parents and explores the origins of the sex ed movement which encourages parents to talk graphically and openly with their kids about sex. Parents will be encouraged about what they can do to raise pure kids in a sexualized culture.(Order:10Tips) $12.00 each




All of these are available upon request from the Lifewatch office.

Abortion: Do You Know?

What Can I Do About Abortion?

Tearing Down The Wall: Facing the reality of Post-Abortion Syndrome

Where can I Go…. [for Help and Healing]?

Stem-Cell Research: Confusing!

Partial-Birth Abortion on Trial [This 2006 brochure is by the Family Research Council]

All except the “Tearing Down The Wall” are on 8.5×11 paper. TDTW is 8.5×14.

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